Athonet 5G Core network on ARM


ARM is on everyone’s lips, even more than ever, thanks to the announcement by Linus Torvalds, father of Linux, that he has been working on releasing a new kernel version (release 5.19) using his SoC-based Apple M2 64-bit ARM (here is Torvalds’ announcement)

Athonet’s R&D likes to be current and has also been working on this low-power architecture for some time and just a few days ago we were able to deploy our 5G Core Network on  ARM 64-bit based Apple computer.

But why is this such important news?

Being able to deploy our Core on ARM increases the portability of our solutions and also involves: 

– More freedom to deploy
– Lower costs
– Lower energy consumption

This opens the door to many possible interesting future solutions that our R&D team is already working on. 

Athonet is all about an open and flexible architecture to let our clients break-free from legacy and end-to-end lock-ins. With this, our clients have a further opportunity to take control of their own network destiny. 



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