Athonet selected to supply LTE tactical networks solutions to the French Ministry of the Interior (MOI) for PCSTORM – Lot 1

Ministre de l'Intérieur francais

Paris, 18th February 2019 – ATHONET, a leading European company for software-based mobile core networks, has been selected to supply its LTE tactical networks solutions plus a selection of mobile terminals to the French Ministry of the Interior (MOI) as part of the French state procurement tender of equipment and services, PCSTORM – Lot 1 “tactical networks and terminals.” 

Thanks to its fully in-house developed software capabilities for the mobile core network, ATHONET designed a high-quality solution meeting all the demanding requirements of MOI. MOI will be able to deploy tactical networks and establish broadband radio communications via a converged platform for high speed, operationally efficient, and resilient services for all intervention units (SWAT teams). 

ATHONET selected Telespazio France for establishing a fully integrated project team in France to provide a strong and directly support the customer team. 

ATHONET is committed to PCSTORM’s success by providing additional capabilities to the French MOI intervention units with the delivery of high-quality LTE tactical networks solutions enabling voice, video, data, and real-time tracking critical communications. All the tactical networks and terminals deployed will be fully compatible with the other PCSTORM solutions for SIM cards, MCPPT application & security and operator network. ATHONET’s final goal is to provide the French MOI SWAT teams with fully interoperable and deployable communications and terminals to support their critical interventions anywhere, anytime. 


About the French Ministry of Interior 
The Ministry of Interior is the corner stone of the French administration. Its mission consists in managing and federating all the country institutions. Its organization and its means in terms of HR or equipment are all dedicated to ensure that all the French citizens have the same rights, obligations and freedom as stated by the constitution of the 5th French Republic. The Ministry of Interior is in charge of key missions that are organized around two major axis: the territory administration and the public safety. 

ATHONET provides a fully in-house developed, 100% software-based mobile core for voice and data networks that runs in public & private clouds, enterprise data center environments or in field deployable units using standard commercial off-the-shelf hardware. The solutions are fully software upgradeable to 5G. ATHONET’s deployment of its virtualised LTE mobile core network in 2010, the deployment of LTE in a real emergency during the Italian earthquake in 2012 and an LTE/5G mobile core which clicks-to-deploy on the public cloud in 2018 are considered world first deployments of their kind. 

The ATHONET platform offers EPC, IMS for VoLTE, NB-IoT and eMBMS, supports the regulatory requirements for roaming and allows users like public safety, enterprises or mobile operators to break free from the restrictive, complex and expensive architecture of legacy solutions and embrace the true potential of LTE & 5G networks.

ATHONET is a winner of the GSMA Global Mobile Awards in 2016 and the International Critical Communications Awards in 2018. Its solutions are used by network operators, governments and enterprises across the world.

About Telespazio France 
Headquartered in Toulouse (France) with offices in Paris, Kuru and Bordeaux, Telespazio France is the French subsidiary of Telespazio, which is part of the Leonardo and Thales groups (67% / 33%). A pioneer in satellite services, the history of Telespazio has been marked by decisive developments and technological breakthroughs for more than 50 years. Telespazio France is a recognized leader in the field of operations. It operates complex satellite systems and maintains numerous infrastructures for CNES, Arianespace and the French Defense. 

Telespazio France relies on its culture of innovation and on its expertise in new digital technologies to develop new services with high added value, especially in the fields of telecommunications, geo-information and navigation.