Leading in innovation and collaboration
As the inventor of the world’s most used mobile core for private LTE and 5G networks, we are led by in-house R&D. This enables our team of technology experts to build a solution that meets the needs of customers in a variety of industries around the world.
Our vision is to bring wireless connectivity everywhere and to everybody by continuously innovating and anticipating the market’s need.
By collaborating with well-established technology providers and solution integrators and attracting the most brilliant minds to work for us, we have become a trusted partner to world- class brands and organizations of all sizes.
Yet we don’t consider our job finished – we are just getting started!


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International Critical Communication Awards

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Global Mobile Awards

Our History

Building the future of connectivity


Gianluca Verin and Karim El Malki, both Ericsson veterans, founded Athonet on a shared vision: a world of democratic and limitless connectivity.


We deploy one of the world’s first Industrial IOT deployments on a Private LTE network


We deploy the first world’s LTE network for Public Safety in a real emergency, during the earthquake in Northern Italy, then receive medals from the President of the Republic for our services to sustainable digital networks.


We deploy rural LTE networks in USA.


We deploy Malawi’s first LTE network thus starting to bring connectivity to “next 4 billion” and overcome “digital divide”, as we declare in our mission.
We deploy the world’s first commercial LTE MVNO for Public Safety, for the government of Finland and one of the world’s largest IOT MVNOs for Enel, leading multinational utility, connecting smartmeters and EV charging stations.


We deploy an LTE network in the deepest mine in the Americas and a complete and rapid deployable LTE Network for the Army. Moreover, we win our first GLOMO at Mobile World Congress.


We launch an LTE/5G mobile core which clicks-to-deploy on the public cloud and provide a fully virtualized edge core solution
We win the International Critical Communications Award (ICCA) in the category “Outstanding Single-Site Critical Communications Installation”.


Our Our innovative Hybrid Cloud Mobile Core solution wins 4 simultaneous Global Mobile Awards at Mobile World Congress, in Barcelona.
We are selected to supply LTE tactical networks solutions to the French Ministry of the Interior.


We launch free-to-access Open 5G Core running on the AWS Cloud.


Athonet’s 5G-SA core is deployed by Cambridge 5G, High Speed 1, AWS, Telenor.
Professional-Grade LTE core continues its advance with over 30 deployments in the mining industry, Paris Airport,Telia, Edzcom and Hamina Kotaka port and many more.


Athonet returns to MWC 2022 in Barcelona showcasing 5G-SA networks with Vodafone and AWS for advanced AR and robotics applications.

New challenges ahead. Follow us. See what’s next.

Why Athonet?

what makes us unique


The industry’s only mobile core built by in-house R&D teams to realize the full- potential of private cellular networks.


Offering 24X7 service assisting partners and customers.


A software solution that can run in the cloud, on premise, a hybrid of cloud and premise or standalone.


Experts from industry-leading companies coming together to change wireless communications.


Awards from global organizations highlighting innovation for enterprises and technology and software breakthroughs.

An investee company of

a company who constantly evolves & grows

our numbers so far

85% of employees are involved in R&D

Always evolving with continuity

who we are

We are a reliable, multiawarded, stable yet dynamic and flexible technology provider, led by in-house R&D.
We create best in class and futureproof solutions to enable the full potential of private networks for AR/VR, Industry 4.0, Robotics, Public Safety, Digital Health, and Digital Equity.
The software solution has been put through the toughest tests by CSPs, Enterprises and Governments.
We aim for excellence, thus we build our software internally and from scratch to guarantee high quality of every step.

key facts

why Athonet?

the first company to:

1. Develop and trial fully virtualized 3G and 4G LTE cellular core networks
2. Develop a full Cloud and Hybrid Cloud 4G/5G Mobile Core platform
3. Provide companies with complete visibility and control of the network, users and devices

developed 100% in house

Have complete understanding and control of the Athonet Mobile Core

delivering a new paradigm

Self-deployable LTE & 5G Networks on Open Spectrum

Building the future of connectivity

Vision, mission, values

We believe in a new wireless paradigm of millions of localized 5G or LTE networks that inter-work with each other, the cloud or national networks, consumed by IT-professionals without specialist 5G telecoms expertise.
Athonet is the mobile core designed and architected for integrators, solution providers and network operators addressing this new paradigm and new kind of user.
We enable you to provide tailored, higher-value solutions to your customers using our Mobile
Core: open to any application, open to any radio, open to any architecture.
the core solution
The Athonet software provides a complete cellular-operator-in-a-box that looks and feels like Wi-Fi.
Any IT professional can simply bring up a network, manage it, provision SIMs and connect it to their IT applications and systems.

certified trust


iso certification

Athonet has implemented and certified a management system in conformance with ISO 9001:2015 and ISO/IEC 27001:2013.
The Software Mobile Core by Athonet is hardened following the United States Department of Defense Security Technical Implementation Guidelines (US DoD STIGs), applied to the OS, the application server, the database, and web server. Moreover, before being released, the software is assessed for vulnerabilities using third party scanners. In addition, functional tests and dynamic code analysis are executed.

Agence nationale de la sécurité des systémes d'information

The Athonet EPC product and tactical solutions comply with the R226 recommendations, a set of Information Technology Security Standard developed by the National Cybersecurity Agency of France (ANSSI).