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In more than 15 years we have carried out projects all over the world, helping companies, organizations and government bodies to meet their connectivity needs, guaranteeing complete visibility and control of the network, users and devices.

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Customer testimonials

We work with leaders in the market like Athonet that provides critical components in the mobile cellular network which is kind of the brain of the network called core network. This is an Italian company which we believe is the market leader and innovator in this space. They deployed one of the world’s first private LTE core networks over a decade ago and are a very affordable but reliable partner for the most critical component – the core network.

Mikka Uusitalo, Chief Executive Officer

Athonet’s 4G/5G Professional-Grade Mobile Core Network not only provides us with uncompromised reliability but also the full functionality of carrier grade networks and does so with the agility and ease of use of a next generation, all-software solution. 

It gives us all the flexibility we need to work with best-of-breed radio solutions to meet our specific performance and interconnection needs with our service platforms and scalability. Moreover, Athonet solution for Hub One has been audited and authorised by the French National Cybersecurity Agency. 

Grégoire de La Crouée, Hub One‘s Mobile Pro Business Line Director 

Utilities are becoming critical applications and this is one of the challenges we have to face for the years to come, that’s why it is important to hear how the market is evolving and also to rely on companies like Athonet which really support us during this journey

Francesco Lorenzi,  Head of Global Optical Fiber Infrastructure

Our 5G private network creates a private local network deducated exclusively to the customer which guarantees exclusive coverage both outdoor and indoor. It is fast and independent, safe and reliable

Daniele Franceschini, Head of Global Optical Fiber Infrastructure

We’re always collaborating with the best in the industry to help delivering in the most complex wireless environments. The deployment we did at St Pancras Station with the help of Pauley and Athonet demonstrates the immediate and cost-effective ability for any enterprise to deploy its own private 5G campus network

Simon Frumkin, Chief Executive Officer

The Athonet one is a mature solution since has been widely deployed, offers EMS the best reliability, resilience and lowers TCO

Andrew Lambert, Chief Executive Officer

We’re driving innovation not only through what we are bringing to the industry now but also through what we can do in the future. With the help of Athonet we built a 5G Integrated Railway AR Digital Twin to revolutionise UK’s only high-speed railway.

Phil Pauley, Founder & Chief Executive Officer

When developing a private network, our customers rely on us to provide a mobile core that is proven, reliable and secure. Athonet has delivered thousands of LTE, 4G/5G and CBRS mission-critical networks across the globe in the same verticals where we are focused.

Mike Owen, Chief Technology Officer

JMA and Athonet have partnered to drive private network deployments across enterprises such as stadiums, universities and automotive. Products and solutions that success in these conditions can handle anything from dense urban through rural scenarios

Akhil Gokul, Vice President, Product Management

Boingo leveraged Athonet’s virtualized 4G cellular core to deploy a private network at San Diego Padres Pecto Park, with 2.8 acres of wireless coverage, 14K+ fans, high-speed coverage and increased capacity and interoperation with existing ballpark networks.

David Tokunaga, Vice President Product Management and Business Development

Within a few years, we should be able to converge all the connectivity needs of a building on a single largely wireless infrastructure, greatly simplifying its construction, management and renovation

Frank Dupont, Sales Director, Managed Services

Change is happening and 5G unlocks innovative new processes and ways of working

Seán Keating, Chief Executive Officer

With Athonet, we are able to offer our customers private networks designed for their business purpose instead of a one-size-fits-all approach market. Private cellular is deployed for some of the most challenging and critical use cases, so it is important to deploy customer-focused solutions that have been field tested for over a decade in the most challenging environments.

Markus Wabner, Director of iconec campusnetze

VI Business has a significant presence in enabling smart utility and smart infrastructure solutions to large and small enterprises.

Our partnership with Athonet to demonstrate and validate 5G solutions is a critical step towards building Industry 4.0 use cases, which will be a significant growth driver of the digital economy in the future.

Abhijit Kishore, Chief Enterprise Business Officer

The solution provided by Athonet is very IT friendly with an extensive library of APIs allowing very simple management and integration with testbed applications, easy SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) management, customer self-service and “on-the-fly” integration with the testbed IoT applications and platforms.

Abhi Naha, Chief Commercial Officer of Cambridge Wireless