UPTIME – The Private 5G & LTE World Community Conference

The Private 5G & LTE World Community Conference returns to Villa Griffone for the digital appointment of the year that brings together the major players in the sector to give a voice to the future of connectivity.

January 26-27 2022
Together, to shape the future of communication

UPTIME is back, the global event that on 26-27 January 2022 will bring together an audience of Private 5G and LTE professionals in the evocative setting of Villa Griffone, home of Guglielmo Marconi and the cradle of wireless communications.

Two days of meetings and conferences broadcast in live webstream to deepen and discuss the scenarios and opportunities of the 5G universe: the technology that revolutionizes our way of living, communicating and doing business.

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One year of Private 5G-SA

One year after the success of the last edition, UPTIME 2022 is back to pick up the thread in order to take stock of 5G’s progress and deepen its potential in the near future.

What are the use cases, what were the challenges, where are the devices, what is the business case? All this and more is answered by the industry’s leading practitioners.

Round table talks with industry specialists

The new standard of connectivity, a revolution that rewrites the way of networking, implementing security, performance, resilience and control. Offering huge possibilities for infinite fields of application.

End User Industries, Mobile and Specialist Operators, Cloud Hyperscalers, Device Manufacturers and 4G & 5G RAN Vendors: UPTIME 2022 brings together worldwide specialists and all the major professionals involved in the 5G private network revolution.

2022 presenters include the companies below:



UPTIME is an event organized by Athonet, a worldwide corporate with 10 years of experience in delivering fully supported 4G, and now 5G, Core solutions for business-critical Enterprises and CSPs scaling up their networks.

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UPTIME 2022 will be held at villa Griffone exclusively for speakers and faculty, but will be streamed for free.

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