Athonet don’t offer a fully locked-in, end-to-end solutions that restrict network evolution to radios, components and features that are from a single vendor. Athonet provides a core network that is designed to work with any radio vendor or radio form factor . We provides a flexible architecture that allows simple yet highly automated deployment of any core network function fully on-premises, fully cloud-based or hybrid architecture. We can use also a mix of private cloud, public cloud, fully on-prem, virtualised or bare metal infrastructure.
We can run the complete core network and management plane fully on the customers site or distribute or replicate functions in a variety of customer sites. Athonet has always had the view that customer’s know best how to use their own data and network. Hence we provide a large set of APIs that allow customers to integrate the private mobile network directly into their OSS and applications to monitor and collect network statistics and alarms directly into the customer’s control systems which includes configuration, monitoring and subscriber (SIM/eSIM) provisioning and management.