On the age of the digital transformation and the 5G time with the multitude of new use cases which could be deployed, it’s crucial that a trusted network connectivity vendor deliver solutions which are robust, simple to install and maintain and easy to be integrated in an open and innovative eco-system. Athonet core solutions are deployed in more than 100+ customers around the globe, deployed both on prem, on private and public cloud.
In 2020 our “Open 5G core” initiative has been the first live and public 5G SA core launch in a public cloud. Our core solution could be deployed in 10+ minutes only through automation tools, both in a local and geo-redundant configuration, where operation simplicity is one of our key design principles.
Openness has been historically (since the Athonet foundation in 2005) one of key characteristics of our products, including an open APIs framework to manage the solutions and integrate them in an application development framework.