iconec Partners with Athonet for Mobile Campus Networks in Germany

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Private cellular network will be demonstrated in new iconec lab

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Nuremberg, Germany, May 19, 2022 – iconec GmbH today announced a partnership with Athonet, a global leader in private network technology, to bring its award-winning 5G mobile core to Germany. The new offering can be seen in iconec’s new lab which was opened on May 19, 2022 in Nuremberg, Germany.

Bundesnetzagentur, a German regulator, provides private companies and associations with a dedicated portion of 5G spectrum to roll-out private networks. With Athonet, iconec is able to cut through the cost, complexity and end-to-end lock-ins to provide unique, high-value solutions to end users that are tailored to their particular use cases and cost requirements.

iconec chose Athonet’s mobile core because it is scalable from tens of users to millions of users and is interoperable with any application using open APIs. In addition, the Athonet mobile core can work with any radio and fits into any network architecture based on the business need.

“With Athonet, we are able to offer our customers private networks designed for their business purpose instead of a one-size-fits-all approach market,” said Markus Wabner, director of iconec campusnetze. “Private cellular is deployed for some of the most challenging and critical use cases, so it is important to deploy customer-focused solutions that have been field tested for over a decade in the most challenging environments.”

The Athonet core will be included in iconec’s new lab. The lab in Nuremberg is dedicated to prepare and stage customer equipment, perform benchmarking of different network components, integrate and test customer-specific usecases upfront, test and certify user equipment, usecases and applications, perform showcase demonstrations and serve as a reference network for customer support.

“Athonet has more than a decade of experience in deploying private networks, including Germany’s first at the Nurburgring in 2015, which enables us to provide a strong foundation for iconec’s campus network solutions in Germany,” said Nanda Menon, senior vice president for Corporate Development and chief executive officer, Athonet U.K.


iconec GmbH was founded in 2002 to provide customers with best professional and cost-efficient technical support and telecommunication solutions. iconec’s many years of multivendor telecommunication deployment and operation experience covers the full end-to-end chain of customer consulting to choose the right components and architecture, the planning and preparation of the technical implementation, the installation, configuration and integration into the customer’s specific infrastructure and usecases as well as the 24/7 operation of these tailored-to-the-needs customer networks.

Over 250 experts delivering professional services to network providers and network suppliers for the past 20 years are now also delivering their expertise in the private/enterprise network segment, leveraging a huge pool of know-how and also the tools to plan and optimize professional private networks. All the time iconec’s focus is on constantly maintaining a good customer relationship through the company’s core values of openness, honesty, transparency and very close communication.

About Athonet
Athonet is a leader in private cellular network technology delivering a mobile core to enterprises and communication service providers to connect applications, devices and radios. With more than 15 years of experience in delivering 4G/5G mobile core solutions to customers and partners in every region of the world, Athonet supports key industries where network control, mobility, security, performance, reliability and cost are important for business outcomes.