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Improving the connectivity at large events with 5G

During live events of all kinds, may they be festivals or concerts or sports events, connectivity is increasingly important. The audience wants to share their emotions with friends through photos, videos and other types of data over the air; insiders in the industry must guarantee the correct performance of the event, and the best services and safety. Nowadays, with rising mobile data traffic during these crowded events, public mobile networks are often overwhelmed with traffic and fail to deliver the speed and reliability to ensure an immersive and memorable experience. That’s why 5G and private networks are the solution to provide top-notch connectivity at events.

Deploying 5G technology for events: a revolution for the live events industry

In a world driven by constant connectivity and seamless interactions, the events industry has witnessed an astounding transformation thanks to the power of 5G technology. With the advent of 5G, the events industry has been catapulted into a realm of unparalleled possibilities that now allow the industry’s specialists to create unforgettable experiences for attendees. Gone are the days of unreliable connections, congested networks, and limited bandwidth thanks to 5G technology’s fast speeds, lower latency, increased broadband and network coverage.

How can the music and sports industry benefit from 5G?

All advancements brought forth by 5G significantly improve the live events for the sports, music and entertainment industries, providing immersive experiences both for physical and remote attendees. Specifically, the main benefits of 5G for live events and sports are:

  • Improved broadcasting and viewing experiences. How 5g could change the sports broadcasting and the viewing experience? Particularly for sports events, where high-quality live streaming is necessary for remote audiences, 5G technology and its remarkable data transfer speeds now allow broadcasters and media producers to provide smooth and immersive live-viewing experience without buffering or degradation in video and audio quality for any viewer, including those accessing the stream from different locations or using mobile devices.
  • Richer opportunities for attendees of events. 5G-powered technologies will provide enhanced experiences for the attendees. At a conference or meeting, the attendees will be able to express their opinions through live polls, or participate in interactive sessions through augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR), activities that boost the engagement of the participants. On the other hand, at live events, such as festivals or sports competitions, sharing pictures, videos, or messages will be easier than ever.
  • Unparalleled safety and security. Thanks to fast speeds, the increased speed of data transfer and consequently, the increased amount of data available, security personnel and event organizers will always be updated on potential threats, allowing then first responders to provide quick response in the state of an emergency. As for the attendees, thanks to seamless communication, everyone is always up to date with security and emergency communications from the organizers.
problems to solve and constrains to care

Main challenges


Build a connectivity solution that can reliably deliver high-speed cellular service for mission-critical apps, operations, vendors

in crowded RF enviroments


Events staff need separate connectivity to work

for safety and to provide a better service to participants


Video and data intensity requirements

our solution

how we solve them

Private mobile networks are perfect for events as they offer the security and coverage of the public cellular network and can be combined with Wi-Fi to ensure maximum coverage.

Athonet’s private mobile network solutions provide wider outdoor coverage, leveraging greater reception power and sensitivity to ensure connectivity even in large outdoor environments.

Private mobile networks bring the following advantages:


clean, new, unused spectrum dedicated to your campus


combined with 5GHz and 6GHz Wi-Fi can improve coverage by 3-4 times


native ability to support mission-critical communications, including high definition video


telco-grade voice, dialer-based integration with enterprise PBX, integration with PSTN, and optionally, mobile operator cellular networks


superior access control and security


in-built security capability to allow network segmentation, access control and policy-based isolation of particular users, applications and traffic


simplicity of guest access with eSIM


native ability to support mobility requirements across large areas


reduced operational cost and complexity