Events & Venues

Connectivity solution for engaging events

During events of all kinds, connectivity is increasingly important: both for spectators to share their emotions with friends through photos, videos and other types of data over the air, and for insiders who must guarantee the correct performance of the event. event and guarantee the best services and safety. Public mobile networks are often overwhelmed with traffic and fail to deliver the speed and reliability to ensure an immersive and memorable experience.

problems to solve and constrains to care

Main challenges


Wi-Fi based unified communications suffer from poor performance

in crowded environments


Events staff need separate connectivity to work

for safety and to provide a better service to participants


Video and data intensity requirements

our solution

how we solve them

Private mobile networks are perfect for events as they offer the security and the coverage of public cellular plus the simplicity and cost-optimization of Wi-Fi.

Athonet’s private mobile network solutions cut through the duplication, cost and complexity of current systems with a single, highly-controllable network.

Private mobile networks bring the following advantages:


clean, new, unused spectrum dedicated to your campus


3-4 times better coverage compared to 5GHz & 6GHz Wi-Fi


native ability to support mission-critical communications, including high definition video


telco-grade voice, dialer-based integration with enterprise PBX, integration with PSTN, and optionally, mobile operator cellular networks


superior access control and security


in-built security capability to allow network segmentation, access control and policy-based isolation of particular users, applications and traffic


simplicity of guest access with eSIM


native ability to support mobility requirements across large areas


reduced operational cost and complexity