Helping enterprise world on its digital transformation

To remain productive and competitive, manufacturers and facility managers have fully embraced digitalization of the factory. 

Existing networks in production environments use fixed cabling or Wi-Fi which are proving to be either inflexible, inappropriate or unreliable.

Thus, adoption of Industries 4.0 business models (sensor data monitoring, location and tracking, robotics, self-driving or autonomous guided vehicles, augmented reality, connected workers and more) requires implementing a digital-transformation strategy.

our solution

how we solve them

We provide a 5G and LTE mobile platform for private networks, enabling Industry 4.0 and Robotics, bringing to small and medium factories better efficiency and connecting more devices than ever before.

Moreover, private 5G:


enables use cases for which there was no solution before in a square km environment (driverless track, logistics, monitoring)


assure coverage of every corner of a factory


creates value by freeing humans from complicated tasks


connects people and things in a more secure way


enables the pervasive video streaming world (security, monitoring, problem solving)​


increases productivity