Mining, oil and gas

The most performing LTE/5G solutions for the most challenging environments

How will the LTE and 5G technology support the growth of the Mining, Oil & Gas industry?

Overground and underground mining and the oil and gas industry are among the most challenging and demanding environments to provide mission critical communication services. 

But the mining, oil and gas industries have always been at the forefront when it comes to adopting and deploying new digital technologies. As a matter of fact, in recent years, mine operators have sought more advanced technologies that can provide superior broadband solutions. 

Moreover, in recent years, the LTE and 5G technology has not only been implemented for real-time critical communications with inaccessible and remote sites and locations. In fact, this digital transformation has taken over many aspects of the oil & gas industry, from data analysis to decision making processes and predictive maintenance.

Thanks to its sophisticated control and ability to handle a large number of simultaneous high bandwidth transmissions with high reliability and predictability, LTE has emerged as a preferred solution. As a matter of fact, LTE and 5G have already had a positive impact on and supported an industry that is facing several challenges, such as improving the operational efficiency of the different units of the industry, security and cybersecurity, and least but not least, the health and safety of mine workers.

problems to solve and constrains to care

Main Challenges


Rising labour cost, increasing safety and efficiency requirements

and non-availability of skilled personnel have led to massive digitalization of mine operations.


The digitalization change goes from

video-enabled communications for health and safety to highly performant communications for remote operations and monitoring of mining equipment, from asset and human tracking to energy conservation through efficient use of energy intensive operations such as ventilation.


Due to the mobility requirements in the mine, a wireless solution is the best

but it has to meet the reliability and security needs of mission and business critical environments

our solution

how we solve them

Our LTE / 5G private network solutions solve mining, oil and gas problems by meeting their very specific requirements and increasing worker safety (thus attracting talent who would otherwise have been put off by underground working conditions):


reliable broadband video and telemetry for remote control of mining equipment


enabling a secure remote control room over the ground


digitization and automation of large and complex crushing


real-time AR applications for construction, inspection and maintenance using LTE for backhaul


tracking of resources and people, ensuring the protection and management of employees and assets


optimization of air conditioning, heating and other environmentally sensitive activities


improvement of health and safety and operational performance through reliable video communications


“man down” alarms and remote accident analysis


improved perimeter and space security thanks to AI-influenced video surveillance


operations with aerial and land drones for surveillance and maintenance