The smartest connectivity solutions to base on the retail evolution.

Fostering the digital transformation in retail with 5G

The retail industry is a complex industry, where fast and reliable communication and data management are a must. Distribution centers are the heart of retail today and these are being staffed by controlled devices to improve efficiency and better protect the health and safety of employees. Moreover, retailers are always looking for new ways to improve efficiency in delivering orders to their customers, particularly in the new “hybrid” shopping era, which combines on-line and in-store shopping. In this context, 5G technology is the solution that enhances customer experiences, optimizes operations, and drives innovation in retail.

The retail industry has always been at the forefront of technological advancements, constantly striving to enhance customer experiences and streamline operations. With the advent of 5G, retailers are now presented with unprecedented opportunities to reshape their businesses and meet the ever-increasing and complex demands of the modern consumer. With its fast data transfer rates and reduced latency, 5G brings to the retail industry operational efficiency, improved security, cost savings and a revolutionized shopping experience for customers

How 5G will change retail: the future of shopping with 5G

In this era of hyperconnectivity, 5G is making a positive impact on the retail industry by offering several benefits, as it helps fulfill some of the main goals of the retail industry, such as running the supply chain smoothly, and providing the best possible customer experience. How can 5G technology actually foster the digital transformation in retail?

5G is a game-changer for retailers and the production side of the industry, as its high capacity and low latency provide the foundation for the Internet of Things (IoT). This means that supply chain issues won’t cause problems anymore. From inventory management and logistics optimization to energy consumption monitoring and predictive maintenance, 5G-powered solutions enable retailers to make data-driven decisions, streamline processes, and drive overall cost savings. This digital revolution helps retailers run their businesses better and more efficiently, save money, and make sure products are always available and delivered on time.

As for the shopping experience of customers in store, 5G is a revolution that is unlocking a new era of possibilities for the retail industry and the future of shopping, as 5G technology enables real-time interactions and seamless connectivity. This also allows retailers to have access to a large amount of real-time data, essential to deliver enhanced personalized shopping experiences. 5G-powered cutting-edge shopping experiences will include immersive virtual shopping environments through augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR), and interactive digital signage. 5G technology is not only applied to in-store shopping, but also to online shopping, as AR and VR allow customers to virtually try on clothes, visualize furniture in their homes, and experience immersive product demonstrations.

In either case, thanks to 5G customers can now enjoy a more immersive and engaging shopping experience, which ultimately leads to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty, and finally sales.

problems to solve and constrains to care

Main challenges


Low-latency and interference-free connections

can impede the order delivery if you don’t have multiple levels of prioritization


Coverage and reliability are crucial for mega-malls and theme parks

They are made of spread-around buildings and areas, and their connectivity is often overloaded by systems, operative, staff and customers’ communication.


Retail is based on a huge amount of sensitive and personal data

that must be protected.

our solution

how we solve them

Key technologies, applications, and IoT devices that are making retail work today depend on the possibility to connect everything to the cloud or the data center.

Our highly reliable and secure LTE and 5G solutions provide:


user profiling (guaranteed access, bandwidth, priority)


voice, data and video communications high quality thanks to the combination of 5G and Wi-Fi solutions


mission critical push-to-talk capabilities


strong security simple to manage (SIM Card based) – cellular is natively encrypted end to end and also benefits from SIM based security beginning with the physical layer itself


mobility and meshing functionalities


IT-Friendly Management