The smartest connectivity solutions to base on the retail evolution.

We all know that the distribution center is the heart of retail today and that retailers are looking for new ways to improve efficiency in delivering orders to their customers. Besides, distribution centers are being staffed by controlled devices to improve efficiency and better protect the health and safety of employees. 

On the other hand, physical locations are still playing an important part in the new “hybrid” trend, which combines on-line and in-store shopping.

 In mega-malls and theme parks, people and things have to be smartly connected to offer the customer the best shopping experience.

problems to solve and constrains to care

Main challenges


Low-latency and interference-free connections

can impede the order delivery if you don’t have multiple levels of prioritization


Coverage and reliability are crucial for mega-malls and theme parks

They are made of spread-around buildings and areas, and their connectivity is often overloaded by systems, operative, staff and customers’ communication.


Retail is based on a huge amount of sensitive and personal data

that must be protected.

our solution

how we solve them

Key technologies, applications, and IoT devices that are making retail work today depend on the possibility to connect everything to the cloud or the data center.

Our highly reliable and secure LTE and 5G solutions provide:


cellular networks which offer superior coverage to Wi-Fi. The practical impact is that, in smaller networks, cellular can have 3-4 times fewer access points than Wi-Fi, while in larger square mile networks there can be reductions of up to 50 times or more


user profiling (guaranteed access, bandwidth, priority)


voice, data and video communications , while public network and wi-fi cannot support the quality of those connections


mission critical push-to-talk capabilities


strong security simple to manage (SIM Card based) – cellular is natively encrypted end to end and also benefits from SIM based security beginning with the physical layer itself


mobility and meshing functionalities


IT-Friendly Management