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Multifuture-proof, IT friendly, easy-to-use and secure networks

The Athonet 5G Core network is the evolution of the world’s most proven private mobile core network platform and is built on the proven track-record and field-deployment experience of our LTE mobile core.
It allows the professional user to deploy the most advanced and sophisticated 5G networks with Wi-Fi-like simplicity while using any 5G-radio from any vendor. Key functionalities include the AMF, AUSF, UDM, SMF and UPF. It also supports advanced networking capabilities such as network slicing and voice services using VoNR and has 10 Gbps throughput on standard Dell hardware.

An easy-to-use 5G core that sets the stage for advanced 5G use cases

The Athonet 5G Core is the evolution of the world’s most proven private mobile core and is built on the track record and field-deployment experience of our LTE mobile core.

The Athonet 5G Core enables 1000s of square feet of indoor coverage and 100s of square miles of outdoor coverage. More than 2,600 traditional core licenses have been deployed on traditional hardware and more than 13,000 cloud licenses have been activated. The scalability of the Athonet 5G Core, from 5 connections to more than 700,000 connections, makes it the most flexible mobile core available today.

5G Core features








5G QOS (Quality of Service) Framework


Policy control






Edge computing


Data exposure


Voice over NR


Additional component such as:

• IP Multimedia System (IMS)
• Mission critical Push-to-talk (MCPTT)

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5G Core - A pillar in the 5G network

5G Core supports 5G advanced use cases and can be integrated in IT system with single point of provisioning and monitoring.

product benefits

How to deploy Athonet 5G Core

Athonet 5G Core offers you complete deployment flexibility by allowing you to choose where to deploy your private network according to your needs.

Fully On-site

Manage the entire infrastructure by running it on server(s) or private cloud completely in house

Fully Cloud

Manage and run your private network on public cloud environment and resources

Hosted solution

All the advantages of the cloud combined with complete visibility and full control guaranteed by the Athonet Connectivity Platform

Hybrid Cloud

Keep your traffic under control with an on prem solution while leaving the signaling component of the
network on the public cloud

Take your first steps in private cellular with our starter kits for 5G-SA and CBRS.

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5G SA WiFi


Athonet NB-IoT

Our solution allows agile deployment of NB-IoT core networks at a national or local scale. This allows telcos as well as end users like smart cities,
industrial and enterprise campuses, utilities and other verticals rapidly to take advantage of dedicated IoT solutions using a distributed/regionalized architecture rather than incur the time delay, cost and complexity of monolithic centralized solutions.

Athonet BYORAN

There are numerous suppliers of radio access network (RAN) solutions on the market and it is essential to be able to choose the best one for you in total freedom without the fear of a locking in a single technology.

Our Bring Your Own RAN™ program offers a cloud-based dashboard with a single pane of glass for multiple radio management.

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