One point to control and manage everything

Athonet dashboard allows you to always have all aspects of your network under control through a single simple and clear interface, giving you the ability to quickly apply any changes if necessary by supporting Multitenancy and User Role-Based Access Control.

Everything under control at a glance

Athonet Dashboard allows the central management of multiple HSSs and the relative provisioning of subscriber data, including the relative credentials, secret keys, USIM data profiles, and associated quality of service (QoS) profile.
The usability of this tool focus on find the proper balance between simplicity and level of details needed to manage a mobile network and thanks to the event sourcing technology it’s easy to keep tracks of all the users operations.

Monitor your networks from any device

Athonet Dashboard features

Manage all the USIMs life cycle of all its network from a unique point



- Multi-tenant management

- User management

- Role base management

- Configuration of APN profiles

- Monitoring of data traffic volume based on CDRs analysis


- USIM order workflow support

- USIM lifecycle management

- Metadata management

- Event handling


- Network site support

- Node configuration

- Profile management

- Monitoring of USIMs status


- Data traffic reports

- IMEI change reports

- Billing analysis

- Event diagnostic

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