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Simplest, Intuitive and Comprehensive Solution

The Athonet IMS allows to bring the powerful of VoLTE/ViLTE and VoNR high quality voice and video services in the most extreme of cases regardless of access.

Tailored on the customer Athonet IMS can offer on top services like SMS, media announcements, conference, voicemail, integration with IP-PBX, with mission critical communication application, with lawful and charging systems, and with other networks.

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Deploying feature-packed private wireless networks in the most extreme of cases

IMS is the Athonet platform for IP Multimedia Subsystem that enables various types of multimedia services to end-users using common Internet-based protocols. Athonet’s IMS allows to deploy a fully local IMS so to implement native voice services on LTE (VoLTE) or 5G terminals (VoNR). Besides Athonet’s IMS allows device-to-device native voice calls, integration with mission critical push-to-talk applications or integration with enterprise IP-PBX and phone systems.

Athonet IMS features

Athonet IMS was developed according to 3GPP standards and is 5G ready for VoNR. It can be integrated with a PBX and other SIP networks for voice, video and SMS services as well as EPC (Evolved Packet Core) and 5G Core. Athonet IMS can be deployed in a few hours and is easily scalable.

Supports network elements such as:


Session Border Controller (SBC)


Call Session Control Function (CSCF)


Breakout Gateway Control Functions (BGCF)


MultiMedia Telephony Application Server (MMTel-AS)


IP Short Message Gateway (IP-SM-GW)


Voice mail server (VMS)


Conference application server (ConfAS)


Gateway mobile switching center (GMSC)


Interconnection Border Control Function and Transit Gateway (IBCF and TrGw)


Media Resource Function (MRF)


PSTN Gateway


XML Configuration Access Protocol Application Server (XCAP-AS)


Home subscriber server (HSS)

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Athonet IMS

The Athonet IMS is a value added platform for vertical industries, it is multi-access, multi-service, multi-device and multi-networks, it can be integrated in any IT context for operation&maintenance activity.

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How to deploy Athonet IMS

Athonet IMS can be deployed with different model to allow you to choose the best one for your private network.

Fully On-Site

Manage the entire infrastructure by running it on server(s) or private cloud completely in house

Fully Cloud

Manage and run your private network on public cloud environment and resources

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Athonet BYORAN

There are numerous suppliers of radio access network (RAN) solutions on the market and it is essential to be able to choose the best one for you in total freedom without the fear of a locking in a single technology.

Our Bring Your Own RAN™ program offers a cloud-based dashboard with a single pane of glass for multiple radio management.

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Athonet Bubble Cloud

Our BubbleCloud LTE makes the most sophisticated wireless technology available to every user. With BubbleCloud, our mobile core is now available on AWS to serve CBRS and OnGo, open spectrum initiatives and licensed spectrum with seamless integration to AWS IoT.

We allow users to create localised bubbles of dedicated public or private LTE coverage with our locally deployed Athonet Edge Nodes which are all connected and managed from the AWS cloud.

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