a complete network on your shoulders

A fully standalone LTE network solution, trusted and field proven for secure, tactical and rapid deployment.

Its coverage is more than 5 km, with a weight of about 17 kilograms.

Complete, portable, all-in-one LTE network solution for the most challenging situations

The Tactical Backpack is a complete LTE/5G network solution that can easily be carried in the field for rapid deployment.
It can cover more than 5 km and weighs about 17 kg.

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Tactical Backpack benefits

Why Athonet Tactical Backpack?


Portable and standalone

LTE network solution that is mobile and can operate independent


Centralized mobile core (EPC)

Proven roaming capability to national MNOs


Public safety support

Mission Critical Push-To-Talk (PTT), IP based multimedia service (IMS), Evolved Multimedia Broadcast Multicast System (eMBMS)


MVNO ready

Public safety for mobile virtual network operator, field-proven


Federated tactical network

Extension cover relying two or more tactical networks


RoIP solution

Embedded RoIP solution to connect PTT call between LTE and radio (works with any radio solution)

Athonet Tactical Backpack features

Athonet Tactical Cube can be used as is without any external connections. Optionally it is possible to connect an IP67 external power supply 180W AC/DC (90-264Vac / +12Vdc-10A). For data connections, an Ethernet (RJ45 female connection) interface is available to connect with the local intranet or the internet for any type of backhauling.

Details and features included:

Weight 12 or 17 kilograms

(without batteries and antennas)

Operation temperature -30° to 55° C

(without batteries and antennas)

Ingress protection IP65

Bandwidth 3, 5, 10, 15, 20MHz

Max Active Users 400 (20Mhz)

Max Throughput DL: 110 Mbps, UL: 41Mbps

(FDD20MHz BW basic configuration)

GPS antenna

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Athonet NB-IOT

Our solution allows agile deployment of NB-IoT core networks at a national or local scale. This allows telcos as well as end users like smart cities,
industrial and enterprise campuses, utilities and other verticals rapidly to take advantage of dedicated IoT solutions using a distributed/regionalized architecture rather than incur the time delay, cost and complexity of monolithic centralized solutions.

Athonet Bubble Cloud

Our BubbleCloud LTE makes the most sophisticated wireless technology available to every user. With BubbleCloud, our mobile core is now available on AWS to serve CBRS and OnGo, open spectrum initiatives and licensed spectrum with seamless integration to AWS IoT.

We allow users to create localised bubbles of dedicated public or private LTE coverage with our locally deployed Athonet Edge Nodes which are all connected and managed from the AWS cloud.

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