45 speakers, 20 hours of live broadcast and lots of ideas and reflections on the future of private 5G!

UPTIME 2022 brought together an audience of Private 5G and LTE professionals, from all over the world, in two days of meetings and conferences broadcast live on webstream to deepen and discuss the scenarios and opportunities of the 5G universe: the technology that revolutionizes the way we live, communicate and do business.

Relive the event and rewatch the speeches of our speakers!

Day 1 - 26th January Day 2 - 27th January UPTIME 2023

26th January

Day 1

8:05 am  /  Athonet

Breakfast Briefing – European Research Projects Update

Daniele Munaretto, Director Research and Innovation, Athonet

8:30 am  /  Smartfren

Private Cellular Networks in Indonesia – From Mining to the 5G Factory

Shurish Subbramaniam, CTO, Smartfren

9:00 am  /  Fondazione Guglielmo Marconi

Fondazione Marconi | Welcome to Fondazione Marconi

Prof. Giovanni Corazza, Fondazione Guglielmo Marconi – President

9:05 am  /  Athonet

The Big Questions in Private 5G

Karim El Malki, Founder, Chief Strategy Officer, Athonet

9:10 am  /  Athonet

The Secret Life of Private 5G – From Lockdown to Freedom

Gianluca Verin, Founder, CEO, Athonet

9:30 am  /  TIM

5G private network in the EDGE continuum concept

Daniele Franceschini, Technology Innovation Standard & IPR Manager, TIM

10:00 am  /  Enel

Private Networks in the Utility Industry

Stefano Lorenzi, Head of Global Optical Fiber Infrastructure, Enel

10:30 am  /  Pauley Interactive

Digital Twin and Private Cellular – Real life deployment at St Pancras railway station

Phil Pauley, CEO, Pauley Interactive

11:00 am  /  Vilicom

Private Cellular in Offshore Wind Farms

Seàn Keating, Chairman, Vilicom

11:30 am  /  Iskratel

Private 5G in Eastern Europe

Marko Lustrek, Sales Director, Iskratel

12:00 pm  /  Edzcom

Private 5G for Mission Critical Industries

Mikko Uusitalo, CEO, Edzcom

12:30 pm  /  Freshwave

Private Cellular in the UK

Simon Frumkin, CEO, Freshwave

1:00 pm  /  Colt, Icade

Private 5G in France

Aaron Partouche, 5G & Edge – New Business Development Director, Colt

Thierry Borgel, Directeur S.I. & Digital, Icade

Francesca Serravalle, Emerging Technology Director, Colt

1:30 pm  /  EXOR & LUFTHANSA

The End User Experience of Private 5G

Andrea Malagnini, CIO, Exor

Claudius Noack, Head of Private 5G, Lufthansa Industry Solutions

2:00 pm  /  Telia

Learnings from first years of Private Networks

Heidi Henttu, Common Product Manager for Enterprise Mobile Networks, Telia

2:30 pm  /  EMS

Private Cellular in Smart Cities & Communities

Andrew Lambert, Founder and CEO, EMS

3:00 pm  /  Vodafone

Private 5G by Vodafone

Edwin Lugtenberg, BDM – Mobile Private Networks, Vodafone Business

3:30 pm  /  Bearcom

Private Cellular in the USA

Gary Ash, Vice President, Network Solutions, Bearcom

Mike Owen, Vice President Information Technology, Bearcom

4:00 pm  /  AWS

Private 5G by AWS

Awaiz Khan, Principal Solutions Architect-Mobile Private Networks/5G, AWS

4:30 pm  /  Multi-Tech System, Siemens, Xiaomi

The Elephant is in the Room – Where are the 5G SA Devices

Daniel Quant, Vice President of Strategic Development, Multi-Tech Systems

Sander Rotmensen, Director of Industrial Wireless Communication Products, Siemens

Daniel Holländer, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Xiaomi

5:00 pm  /  Airspan

ORAN for Private 5G

Abel Mayal, SVP of Technology and Marketing, Airspan

5:30 pm  /  Extreme Networks

Interaction between Private 5G and WiFi

Markus Nispel, Vice President International Markets, Extreme Networks

Marcus Burton, Wireless Architect, Extreme Networks

6:00 pm  /  Boingo

Private 5G in USA

David Tokunaga, VP – Product and Business Development, Boingo

6:30 pm  /  JMA Wireless

Private 5G – The radio options

Akhil Gokul, VP – Product Management, JMA Wireless

7:00 pm  /  Qualcomm Technologies

Private 5G for enterprise, industry and smart cities

Sanjeet Pandit, Global Head of Smart Cities & Digital Transformation, Qualcomm Technologies

Heeseon Lim, Global Lead for 5G Infrastructure GTM, Qualcomm Technologies

27th January

Day 2

7:30 am  /  Global 5G Evolution

Private 5G Status in Asia

Kaneshwaran Govindasamy, Founder, Global 5G Evolution

8:00 am  /  Marubun

Private 5G in Japan

Masafumi Watanabe, Telecom Strategic Business Unit Leader, Marubun

8:30 am  /  L&T Smart World

Smart Cities in Asia Pacific

JVS Ramakrishna, Head Strategy & CTO, L&T Smart World

9:00 am  /  Accenture

Accenture approach to Private 5G

Indranil Choudhuri, Managing Director Telecom Network Services, Accenture

9:30 am  /  Axione

Private Networks in France

Franck Dupont, Sales Director, Managed Services, Axione

10:00 am  /  EUWENA

Private 5G in Europe

Koen Mioulet, Consultant private wireless and co-founder, EUWENA

10:30 am  /  Tata communications

Specialist Private 5G Service Provider Role

Vishy Ramaswamy, Vice President – 5G Products, Tata communications

11:00 am  /  Wipro

The System Integrators Contribution to Private 5G

Thomas Müller, CTO, Engineering Services, Wipro

11:30 am  /  VMware

Open RAN for 5G

Akhil Gokul, Vice President Product Management, JMA Wireless

Lorcan Burke, Director RAN, VMware

12:00 pm  /  Bi-Rex

Private 5G for Industry 4.0

Stefano Cattorini, General Director, Bi-Rex

12:15 pm  /  Wireless Infrastructure Group

Private Networks on UK Industrial Spectrum

Andrew King, Director, Private Networks, Wireless Infrastructure Group

12:45 am  /  Athonet

Preferred choice for PMR

Jochen Bösch, PMR Specialist, Athonet

1:00 pm  /  Telenor Group

An operator’s perspective on private 5G networks

Patrick Waldemar, Vice President Telenor Research, Telenor Group

1:30 pm  /  Cellnex UK

SLAs for Private Networks

Catherine Gull, Head of UK Private Networks, Cellnex UK