Creating a self-service network for airport digitalization

Athonet delivered private 4G and 5G to amplify and secure airport communications

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The Customer

The client is one of the largest European airports. The need was to have a connectivity solution that would guarantee complete coverage throughout the airport area.

The Challenge

For airports, high efficiency and speed of operation are required to increase passenger volume, meet new safety standard and insure mission critical communication. Serving more than 200000 workers of the Paris Airport’s platform, operated by Hub One, was needing a convergence of all existing technologies, reliable and performant. Thus Athonet proposed a new 4G and 5G platform enabling services for a large number of activities and devices, covering the different business needs of the Airport.


On the Airport, the 4G/5G network has been designed to meet the stringent requirements associated with business uses, particularly in terms of coverage, redundancy and level of service. This network is replacing existing radio networks (Tetra, DECT), faced with a problem of obsolescence, as well as WiFi systems supporting certain professional uses. The WiFi network operated by Hub One is reaching its capacity limit; moreover, WiFi technology is proving to be inappropriate for mobile or outdoor or industrial uses.

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