Fire Brigade Deploys Private 5G Network for Secure Communications 

Athonet mobile core supports transportable communications network that federates with other fire agencies

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The Customer

The customer is a system integrator who provides IT services for defense, fire, and homeland security organizations.

The Challenge

The fire brigade needed a 5G autonomous network of mobile coverage, hosted on the fire engine, that would operate anywhere the team traveled. In addition, the solution needed to federate easily with different bubbles hosted on vehicles from other fire brigades, interconnected through a backhaul system, to create a single federated communications layer.The goal was to provide a quick and secure communications network a fire brigade could rely on as it moved to different incident sites.


Our partner – an international high technology company engaged in a wide range of defense, homeland security and commercial programs – supplies communications networks to the fire brigade. The fire brigades move from site to site as conditions demand, and they use mobile devices to communicate effectively with fire brigades from other jurisdictions as they team up to fight a fire. They selected an Athonet mobile core and related equipment integrated by the system integrator to provide a solution to meet their requirement.

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