Who we are

Changing the world,
one mobile core network at a time

An award-winning technology provider with more than 18 years of expertise delivering reliable, secure, and flexible private mobile networks.
Now part of Hewlett Packard Enterprise.

Our story

As the inventor of the world’s most used mobile core for private LTE and 5G networks, we are led by in-house R&D. This enables our team of technology experts to build a solution that meets the needs of customers in a variety of industries around the world.

Our vision is to bring wireless connectivity everywhere and to everybody by continuosly innovating and anticipating the market’s need.


Gianluca Verin and Karim El Malki, both Ericsson veterans, founded Athonet on a shared vision: a world of democratized and limitless wireless connectivity.


Deployed the world’s first fully virtualized mobile core for a campus network at Area Science Park and mobile operator Wind.


Deployed the world’s first LTE Smartgrid to provide direct low- latency connectivity between electrical secondary substations.


Deployed the first world’s LTE network for Public Safety in a real emergency: the earthquake in Northern Italy.


Deployed LTE Wireless ISPs, regional networks in the USA and one of the world’s first Industrial IOT Private LTE solutions in a major power plant in Italy with mobile operator H3G.


Deployed the world’s first commercial LTE MVNO for Public Safety, for the government of Finland and one of the world’s largest IOT MVNOs for Enel, leading multinational utility, connecting smartmeters and EV charging stations.


Deployed an LTE network in the deepest mine in the Americas and we win our first Global Mobile Award at the Mobile World Congress.


Launched an LTE/5G mobile core which clicks-to-deploy on the Cloud (AWS) and provides a fully virtualized edge core solution. Won the ICCA “Outstanding Single-Site Critical Communications Installation” award.


Our innovative Hybrid Cloud Mobile Core solution won 4 simultaneous Global Mobile Awards at Mobile World Congress, in Barcelona, and we were selected to supply LTE tactical networks solutions to the French Ministry of the Interior.


Launched free- to-access Open 5G Core running on the AWS Cloud.


Athonet’s 5G-SA core is deployed by Cambridge 5G, High Speed 1, AWS, Telenor. Professional-Grade LTE core continues its advance with over 30 deployments in the mining industry, Paris Airport, Telia, Edzcom and Hamina-Kotka port and many more.


Athonet returns to MWC 2022 in Barcelona showcasing 5G-SA networks with Vodafone and AWS for advanced AR and robotics Applications.


Athonet, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise acquisition, wins two GLOMO Awards at MWC 2024, “Best mobile security solution” and “CTO Choice Award”, for The First Quantum-Secure 5G network with Ampliphae and Arqit.

always staying ahead of market and technology changes

key facts

the first company to:

  1. Develop and trial fully virtualized 3G and 4G LTE cellular core networks
  2. Develop a full cloud and hybrid cloud 4G/5G Mobile Core platform
  3. Provide complete visibility and control of the network, users and devices

developed 100% in house

  1. Enable complete understanding and control of the Athonet mobile core

delivering a new paradigm

  1. Self-deployable LTE & 5G Networks on open spectrum

our value proposition

We believe in a new wireless paradigm of millions of localized 5G or LTE networks that interwork with each other, the cloud or national networks, consumed by IT-professionals without specialist 5G telecoms expertise.

Athonet is the mobile core designed and architected for integrators, solution providers and network operators addressing this new paradigm and new kind of user. We enable you to provide tailored, higher-value solutions to your customers using our Mobile Core: open to any application, open to any radio, open to any architecture.



Proven success over three generations

our mission

An innovation mobile core for private networks that offers the benefit of cellular technology coupled with the openess, performance, security and flexibility you need

virtual & open


easy to use & support

IT integration

native voice support

VAT IT01067590321
Via Ca’ del Luogo 6/8
36050 Bolzano Vicentino

VAT IT01067590321
Via Ca’ del Luogo 6/8
36050 Bolzano Vicentino