Athonet at Colloque de l’Agurre 2023

On November 15 we will be at Salons de l’Aveyron in Paris to participate at Colloque de l’Agurre 2023

The Agurre symposium – an annual event bringing together mobile network stakeholders, solution providers, mobile operators and infrastructure operators – is a real opportunity for exchanges in the form of round tables but also via related demonstrations. with industrialists. For this third edition, Agurre started from the conviction that it was necessary to go beyond networks strictly speaking and open up to the applications and uses they allow in each of the sectors of activity, whether industry, transport, ports, airports, energy and even logistics.

Created in 2012, Agurre brings together fourteen members, all impacted by the evolution of professional uses towards mobile broadband. For Agurre and each of its members, the challenge is to implement mobile networks allowing the continuity of current uses and to address the new needs related to broadband, for the missions of operation, security and safety.

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