Athonet to host Private 5g Event at Wireless Historic Landmark

Athonet to host Private 5G event where wireless history was made – Marconi Foundation.

Vicenza, 5th January 2021 – Athonet to host Private 5G event where wireless history was made – Marconi Foundation.

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Are you challenged for wide-area wireless coverage that doesn’t fail? Mobility without stoppages? Split-second video comms to protect your people and assets? Security and reliability concerns tying you down to ethernet and wired connections? Or just curious why private networks will outrun public networks in the next decade?

Then join us at UPTIME – the world’s most exclusive gathering of Private 5G /LTE users and professionals. Celebrating 125 years of Guglielmo Marconi’s invention of wireless communications, we are live from the Marconi Foundation at Villa Griffone, Italy, where Marconi made his first transmission and whose surroundings will inspire this community to begin a new era in wireless 5G communications – CELLULAR 2.0 : A Million Private Networks.

The event brings together end-users, mobile operators, application providers, device manufacturers and infrastructures providers. It coincides with the beginning of generally available devices and radio infrastructure on 5G-Stand Alone technology which will be the main mode of Private 5G deployment for enterprises.

Speakers from:

  • End User Industries: Bosch, Enel, Hub One, Lufthansa and Public Safety
  • Mobile Operators: TIM, Vodafone and others
  • Specialist Operators: Boingo Wireless, CBRS Alliance, COLT, Edzcom, ExteNet Systems, Motorola Solutions
  • Cloud Hyperscalers: AWS
  • USA Focus: Deploying Private 5G in the USA with AWS, Boingo, ExteNet Systems, Motorola Solutions and OnGo (the CBRS Alliance)
  • Device Manufacturers: Multitech and others

We address key questions such as why deploy Private 5G & LTE? Can you deploy one as simply and affordably as a WiFi network? What devices and phones can I use on my private LTE & 5G network? Dual SIM, eSIM or Roaming? Wifi 6 and Private 5G -do they compete or complete? How soon can the industry get to 1 million private networks? How can end-users and professionals profit from the fastest growing new segment of the wireless market?

UPTIME 2021 celebrates 10 years of the Private LTE industry and looks forward to the next decade of Private 5G with abundant shared and unlicensed spectrum for deployment.