Athonet IMS, in line with our vision, allows our private network customers to deploy a VoLTE (Voice over LTE) and VoNR (Voice over New Radio) solution in just one virtual machine (in hypervisor or container environment) with a simplified architecture to breaking down the complexity. Our offer is compelled with Athonet EPC and 5GC or can be deployed in a multivendor environment because it follows 3GPP standards to guarantee the interoperability.

Athonet IMS can be interconnected with any external network via PBX to send/receive calls. Through our WebGUI the customer can benefit from more effective OAM by operating on the instance itself remotely or via OSS. For a more flexibility with Athonet IMS Customer can activate/deactivate the elements strictly necessary for its network. Our solution is ready for 5G since already supports SBA and protocols. Athonet IMS is deployed in our Tactical Network solution to offer critical communication to public-safety, army and defense use cases.