Italy’s first Private 5G for Industry 4.0 by EXOR, TIM and ATHONET

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Verona, 4th June 2021 – The CTO of Exor International, Claudio Ambra, and the CTO of Athonet, Gianluca Verin, announced the successful completion of Italy’s first private 5G network for Industry4.0 in partnership with TIM.

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Private 5G creates an area within the factory that is completely covered by the 5G signal, thus providing all the services that 5G is capable of delivering and ensuring full and dynamic coverage of the industrial IOT machines that connect to the network. This will enable the development of business intelligence in the near future to open up the factory to a new range of digital services via 5G connections.

Claudio Ambra, EXOR International’s CTO

This is truly a turning point for 5G. We can install and activate a full 5G Core inside the factory or in the AWS cloud with just a few clicks and give our customers the ability to go on air in minutes

Gianluca Verin, Athonet’s CTO

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