New times require unwired campus

Your campus connectivity will pass any performance exam, thanks to our empowering private network solutions

In a campus, thousands of people working collaboratively and with external communities have intense connectivity needs. Administrative, scheduling, reporting and coordination tasks require both voice as well as digitalized workflows on smartphones, tablets and laptops.


Campus users are trying new, flexible ways of organizing themselves and their workflows, thus needing wireless agility. Traditional fixed lines and DECT phones have become a barrier to digitalization, and their cost of maintenance keeps growing.

Moreover, many campus staff use their own personal mobile devices for work, rather than carrying additional devices.

Their use should be integrated and regulated, to avoid serious security problems.

These are some reasons why campuses are now requiring a highly secure and unified communications platform for all their voice and data requirements.

Athonet EPC is the professional-grade core network for a simple and effective solution, offering benefits to both staff and their organizations. It gives the opportunity to be used with any radio solutions to provide complete, tailored cellular coverage throughout the campus.

Multiple campuses and buildings can be linked together as a single logical entity. The devices on the network consist of off-shelf cellular smartphones, widely available cellular modems and IoT sensors and specialist devices like push-to-talk radios. Each class of device has a particular quality of service profile that allocates it certain radio and network resources.

Client’s pain points


In an ideal campus, tens of thousands of connected devices for building management, logistics, security, etc should have to be easily accessed anytime-anywhere, under the strictest security and policy control.

You, as a real-life network managers, instead, have to manage and solve the problems deriving from the complexity of a tangle of legacy communications platform:


The latest video and workflow applications are not supported

by obsolete voice-centric fixed-line, cordless phones and headset communications


In the campus and inside outside, vital information are exchanged through personal mobile devices

on apps like Whatsapp over unsecured Wi-Fi or public cellular


Real-time video and broadband workflow cannot be handled by PMR and PTT systems

staff must carry multiple devices and this may cause delays or incidents


Tens of thousands of poorly-protected, connected devices are on unlicensed spectrum

subject to malware and threat actors


New services like remote video collaboration (eg HoloLens) and auxiliary robots/AGVs

suffer from unreliable bandwidth, jitter and poor mobility and coverage from Wi-Fi


Wi-Fi leads to coverage gaps or high cost and complexity

to obtain coverage, security and mobility needed

Our solution

Athonet EPC

Athonet EPC lets you have your campus guaranteed wireless connectivity everywhere, but as reliable and secure as wired connection, cutting through the cost, duplication and complexity of legacy and current networks.  



Push-to Talk and Critical Communications


Augmented and Mixed Reality (XR) Applications


Robotics and AGVs


Connected Devices and Digitalization

Wireless access


Ad-hoc coverage and fixed wireless


With Athonet EPC, you get a scalable, easy to control, self-service, affordable and reliable solution.

Athonet is radio agnostic. Our open culture gives freedom to every client/partner to deploy anywhere, with any radio and hardware.

Different campuses may choose different software components: the Athonet platform allows the integrator to bring additional services and value by adding each one of the optional application packages.

Our will is to understand your needs and provide you the right solution to satisfy them.

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